5 Tips To Healing After A Break Up

20 07 2010

Has your partner dumped you?  I’d like to give you a few simple tips in order to assist you during this painful time in your life.  If you’ve been dumped then there are five important tips you should learn which I will talk you through.

Acknowledging the relationship is finished.

Coming to terms with the truth that your relationship is finished is the first thing you need to do.  Either you get back with your ex further along in your life or you meet someone that is distinctly better – who can tell.  For now who knows what will happen, but in the meantime you need to accept that the relationship is finished.  One of the worst things you can do is keep badgering your ex in order to win them back.

You have a lot going for you so use it to your advantage.

You will most likely be left with feelings of having nothing left and that your life as you know it has changed.  This is not really true after all in fact.  What you really need to do in these difficult times is to look at things you love to do.  By increasing your confidence again, you will start realise that you have loads going on in your life after all.

Try to leave the house when you can.

Don’t become a hermit after being dumped.  Show some desire to get yourself back in the outside world and forming new friendships again.  Friends are perfect for building your confidence and help you recover from a break up.  You’ll find things a lot easier if you have a ton of friends.

Set challenges for yourself to make things better in your life.

Basically I mean apart from your relationship.  It’s useful to keep your mind from thinking about your break up for a bit so you should try and improve some other parts of your life.  Are you keen on getting that promotion at work?  Maybe yoga classes are what you desire?  Do you want teach yourself to paint perfect pictures?  Right now is a fantastic time to do those things.  Look at some goals to attain and building confidence as you progress.  This is a very important tip to do with a break up.

Make sure you don’t call him.

It’s best not to call your ex in order to get over a break up.  If you keep calling him then it’s going to take a lot longer to recover and move on.  If you call him then you could be in too much of an emotional state to think rationally about what he might be doing or saying.  Time does heal painful memories and if you give yourself the time to get closure on the relationship then you will be helping yourself no end.

By following these five tips then you will be able to get to grips with your break up and start the healing process with your life.  If you can achieve as many of these as possible then it will aid your recovery period.




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