If You Must Make Your Ex Jealous, Here Are 5 Fabulous Ways To Do It!

16 07 2010

If you can make your ex jealous, it’s a sure sign he still has feelings for you. And if there are still feelings, they may be strong enough for him to want to get back together. These 5 tips are among women’s all-time favorites for making a man jealous. Exercise great care using these tactics, though, because if you’ve misjudged his feelings, you may push him away forever.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #1

First, don’t talk to your ex for a while. It might seem counterintuitive – after all, you want to take action that he’ll notice to make him jealous – and I’m telling you to stay out of sight for a while.  But this will get him thinking as well. If you stop talking with him, he’ll start wondering what’s going on with you. If you come across as dependent and clinging, it’ll probably annoy him and push him further away. The more time you go without talking with him, the more effective the next tips will be.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #2

The next step is just to be happy. Even if the things that usually make you happy are things you’ve done with your ex, go ahead and do them. Men get very jealous knowing that an ex is having a good time without them. Some of his jealousy will come from realizing that he’s no longer the center of your universe. In addition, just being happy makes a woman more attractive and sexy, which will definitely have an effect on him. Are there things you’ve been wanting to do, but you’ve been putting off?  Things like day trips, or classes?  Go ahead and do them! Get yourself a makeover – many women report that this is a very successful method to becoming happy without your ex. Now you can move on to tip #3.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #3

Now it’s time to see him face-to-face again – the third tip is to invite him to dinner. You’ve got this happy, positive aura about you, and likely a new makeover as well, and it’s time he saw them face-to-face. Remember, it’s been a while since the two of you have spoken, even if he’s seen you here and there or his friends have told him that your active and happy. Talk about what you’ve been doing and be certain he realizes how happy you are now. We know that he’s going to be jealous because you’re visibly happy, on top of which you’re probably more attractive than he remembers! Have a pleasant time with him and make it clear you want to be friends – then you’re ready for the next tip.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #4

Next, date another man. Do you think that when he finds out you’re seeing other men, he just won’t care? Of course, getting involved with someone new will jeopardize your chances of getting back together with your ex, if that’s your objective. You can have a lot of fun and accomplish your “make my ex jealous” objective by just going on harmless, friendly dates. Your ex will learn about this soon enough – sooner if you share some friends. It’s knowing that someone else finds you attractive enough to date that will make him jealous – he’ll be wondering if he missed something about you. This tip – date someone else – is crucial to the next tip, because you’ll need a man you’re comfortable with.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #5

Now this fifth tactic is probably the most successful – when you’re going to be attending a function you know your date will also be attending, bring a date. It can be anything – a friend’s birthday, or a barbecue, or a beach party – anything at all.  The key point is that your ex will be there, and he’ll be able to see you and your date. When you’re sure your ex is aware that you’re there with a date, you can flirt with your date. Be careful, though – your ex might lose his temper. Here’s something else to keep in mind – your date is doing you a big favor, whether or not he realizes it.  Don’t embarrass him.

Once you’ve tried the tips I’ve presented here, I’d be surprised if your ex doesn’t get jealous.  He may even be considering dating you again. If he still has any feelings for you, your actions in following these tips will bring those feelings to the surface. Your actions might push him further away, of course, but that’ll happen only if he no longer has any feelings for you. But if the feelings are there, then he got jealous, and he’s thinking about you again.  Now you’ve got to decide if you want him back in your life again.




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