4 Ways To Stop A Break Up From Happening

15 07 2010

Do you detect some unhappiness in paradise with your boyfriend? Don’t just let it happen, take these steps to prevent a breakup.  It may be tough to do, working at making it work will be worth it if you love each other.

Communicating in a clear and open fashion is an important first move.  Stay in control, don’t say anything you’ll regret later, but express clearly how you feel.  Don’t overwhelm your boyfriend, give him a chance to express himself and listen carefully.  Many breakups can be avoided by listening to the story from the other side.  Don’t expect your boyfriend to agree with you on every matter.  You each must build bridges to overcome the gaps in your feelings.  A relationship is a two way street, you each need to forgive and forget to keep on your relationship journey.

Though it may be a little difficult, encourage your boyfriend in a way that shows you support his efforts.  Remember, men feel good about a relationship in which they know someone is backing them up.  Making an effort to get involved in some of the things your boyfriend likes to do, even if it’s not quite your thing, can go a long way to prevent a breakup.  You don’t have to be gung-ho, you don’t have to get greasy, but if your boyfriend likes sports or working on cars, making an effort to gain interest will go a long way to prevent a breakup.  Root for him when he’s throwing hoops, encourage him to talk when he’s feeling blue.  Every man has dreams, talk about them and encourage him.  Good times, bad times – make sure you’re there for him.

The third step is a positive one for you and your boyfriend. Look at ways to make yourself more desirable.  Maybe you’ve become too wrapped up in your job and become rather undesirable to be around.  Too many little things can add up and make your boyfriend not enjoy being around you.  Everybody needs some self-improvement, figure out what’s best for you.  You don’t want to turn yourself into a stranger, just a better version of yourself.  Go shopping and get some new clothes; quit a bad habit, like biting your fingernails.  Do something that brings you joy.  Buy a lot of cut flowers and make an arrangement. Paint a wall a groovy color. Go shopping.  If you’re awash with happiness, that spreads easily, and happiness is a great relationship saver.

A final note is to spend plenty of quality time with your boyfriend.  Quality time should be time that involves only the two of you, doing something that gives you both a thrill.  This improves a relationship, knits hearts and minds together.  It’s a good idea to set up a “date night” every week. Or plan a long weekend away.  Develop a hobby that you both enjoy. Just having a rap session for a little while at the end of the day can make a significant difference.  A relationship will grow stronger as you spend more quality time together.

Put into practice the tips above and you will be going in the right direction to avoid a breakup.  Taking time, using perseverance, will overcome any imperfections that may arise in a relationship.  If you do your part, if your persevere, you can prevent your relationship from breaking up.




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