4 Tips To Get Over A Big Fight With Your Boyfriend.

15 07 2010

Once again, did you and your boyfriend have a quarrel?  You need to examine the cause of the fight with boyfriend. Was it over something nonsensical or something heavy, like dating another woman?

Fight with Boyfriend Tip #1

What kind of fight did you have is the first consideration.  Somethings are easily mended, such as being late. Find out why he was late. If he’s cheated on you or stole money from you, it’s probably time to end the relationship.  Don’t let a fight throw you off completely, most couples have them.  Two different personalities, two different ways of looking at things, it’s not unusual for a little conflict to arise.

Arguing is one thing, but physical or mental abuse are good reasons to end a relationship.  There could be some emotional or mental problems that you won’t be able to resolve.  Should your boyfriend be hurting you, you need to get out of the relationship and he needs to get professional help.

Arguments are unpleasant and they can rapidly escalate and often that’s a sure way to end a relationship.  So, you had an argument with your boyfriend. What’s next?

Fight with Boyfriend Tip #2

The second thing to do once you’ve “had it out” is to let things chill for a while.  Get apart from each other. Focus on something else. Take a shower, go for a walk.  Don’t let the situation escalate. Trying to talk things out when you’re both upset won’t help anything.

Fight with Boyfriend Tip #3

Try to piece together the reasons for the argument.  Were you at fault?  Has the reason been a bone of contention for a while?  Don’t forget that it’s important to consider his side of the story.  As you ponder the situation, ask yourself if you made a mistake or judged him too quickly. Think about this when your calmer.

Fight with Boyfriend Tip #4

Your fourth move should be to talk to him later in a calm and sober manner.  Let him talk first, try to get the gist of his point of view. Then calmly state your case.  Then start mulling over a solution to the quandary.  Being late is a pain, so suggest he wear a watch to keep track of the time. He might think it helpful for you to ring him up an hour or so before the date.  Keep in mind that since nobody’s perfect and that we all make mistakes, forgiveness is a key.  Any problem can be resolved, just do some soul-searching.

Once the solution as been presented, it’s time to forgive and forget and go have some fun.  Remember that squabbling isn’t the only thing in your relationship, though it’s perfectly normal.

Fighting with your boyfriend and finding a mutually acceptable resolution can put some character into a relationship.  As long as it is a learning situation and you can forgive each other, the occasional squabbling is not a big deal.




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