4 Simple Tips To Win Back Your Guy

15 07 2010

You may want know how to get a man back once the pizazz is gone.  Using 4 simple steps, you can get your relationship back on track as you were before – even if your boyfriend is dating someone else.

The first step is to become a person he can trust.  Be around him as much as possible, let him know that you’re available when he needs to get something off his chest.  An open mind and neutral frame of mind is the key.  Most men like to know that they can open up with their thoughts or problems without being judged or ridiculed.  Gaining true intimacy is paramount to bringing back your guy.

You don’t want to be treated like a doormat, you don’t want to be a pushover – that’s what to focus on in the second step.  You don’t want to be seen as an anxious puppy, too eager to please. You’re setting yourself up to be taken advantage of and you don’t want that.  You want to be helpful, but you also need to let him know how you feel about certain things.  Be careful, you do want to let him know that you have emotions and thoughts, too. But you don’t want to come across as judgmental.  Don’t try to bend his thoughts and opinions to suit you, that’s being judgmental.  The distinction between the two is very important.

Remind him of the good times – that’s your third important move.  Winning a guy back is easier if you remind him from time to time about happy past times.  He liked a lot about you in the first place, so reminding him of good past times may make him see why he should want to be with you again.  Also, don’t dredge up old arguments or other bits of unpleasantness, that will ruin your efforts to get him back.

Your fourth step should involve letting him know how you feel about him.  Don’t be like a silly school girl, make sure he’s on the relationship track, then you can start telling him what a wonderful guy he is.  The first three steps, if done properly, should be an easy way to win back his heart so you can proceed to step four.  You’ll know you’ve hit a home run if he starts flirting again, or checking you out when you’re not looking.  Remember, he might need a little help in the beginning because he may very well feel embarrassed about ever dumping you.  Help him out, help him save face. That’s an important way to win a guy back.  Let him know, when the time is right, that you two make a great couple and it would be worth to try it again.

Employ these steps to get your guy back. Be steady in your resolve to get him back and take things slowly.  Even if things don’t seem to be rolling along as you would wish, chances are you’re planting plenty of the right thoughts in his head, and he’ll soon see that he wants you back himself.




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