Guide On How To Get Over A Boyfriend

22 07 2010

He broke up with you.  Your relationship has run it’s course and he wants to call it a day.  Despite you still being in love with him you need to get on with your life.  It’s great news that you want to move on with your life but is obviously tough as you still feel for him.  You shared you life with him for a long time, but those days are gone and you have to move on.  Getting over your boyfriend will be easier if you follow this guide.

Get Over Boyfriend Technique 1

The first thing you need to realise is that the partnership is finished.  Even though it’s the last thing you want to hear, you have to accept the reality that things are over.  Your relationship is now over and it really makes no difference whether it was you or him that ended it.  The sooner you come to terms with this then the better it will be for you.

Get Over Boyfriend Technique 2:

The new key thing you should do is to remove anything that provokes memories of your ex-boyfriend.  It is of course very tough to do, but there is no way you can move on with your life if you still see his things everywhere.  If you are unable to throw anything right now then store the items in a box so they are hidden from view.  It’s important to put things out of sight so they are out of mind to speed up the recovery process and get over your boyfriend.

Get Over Boyfriend Technique 3:

Ensuring that you release your emotions is the third step to success.  Cry out loud or shout till you are blue in the face if you have to.  Don’t do this in public though but in your own private environment.  It’s extremely important not to let these pent up emotions accumulate in your mind.  It’s going to be painful but you will much more content if you let your feelings out.  Letting your emotions come out is the best way to get over your boyfriend, despite the feelings you have of fondness about how your relationship was.

Get Over Boyfriend Technique 4:

Talking to someone else is the fourth tip.  Once you have released your feelings then it will be beneficial to share those feelings with a person you trust.  There are many people you can talk to like family, friends or even a psychiatrist if you need to.  They should be able to assist with the hurt you are feeling and mean you should be able to move on quicker.  Inform them that you wish to get over your boyfriend and desire to move on with your life.  Hopefully they will be very keen to help you out.  It’s important to note that a problem shared is a problem halved and things can get sorted out quicker.

Get Over Boyfriend Technique 5:

Feeling happy again in your life is the fifth tip.  It’s no use to you or anyone else around you to just sit and feel miserable about things.  Try to do things you enjoy like reading or watching movies to attempt to feel happy again. The key factor is keeping a positive mindset even if it’s hard to do at times.  One of the best and easiest ways to feel good is to help other people out and do good deeds.  Things will happen fast and you will feel better in no time if you just stay positive and happy.

Get Over Boyfriend Technique 6:

The final tip is to make an effort to find new people to hang out with.  If you get new friends then this will quicken up your recovery time.  Before long you’ll come to understand there’s plenty more out there besides just him.  Plus, you might just find someone new to see.  Be sure that you have read and executed the previous tips before this though.  It will be a big mistake if you were still in love with your ex boyfriend when you find a new one.  By doing this and not being honest then you are not being fair to your new love.

Take heed to the tips given and in no time you will be over your boyfriend.  Make sure you take things slowly though and don’t rush it.  It’s time to start fresh and forget that once you did love that person.  Stop dwelling in the past and get on with your life and with these tips you should be able to do that.


5 Tips To Healing After A Break Up

20 07 2010

Has your partner dumped you?  I’d like to give you a few simple tips in order to assist you during this painful time in your life.  If you’ve been dumped then there are five important tips you should learn which I will talk you through.

Acknowledging the relationship is finished.

Coming to terms with the truth that your relationship is finished is the first thing you need to do.  Either you get back with your ex further along in your life or you meet someone that is distinctly better – who can tell.  For now who knows what will happen, but in the meantime you need to accept that the relationship is finished.  One of the worst things you can do is keep badgering your ex in order to win them back.

You have a lot going for you so use it to your advantage.

You will most likely be left with feelings of having nothing left and that your life as you know it has changed.  This is not really true after all in fact.  What you really need to do in these difficult times is to look at things you love to do.  By increasing your confidence again, you will start realise that you have loads going on in your life after all.

Try to leave the house when you can.

Don’t become a hermit after being dumped.  Show some desire to get yourself back in the outside world and forming new friendships again.  Friends are perfect for building your confidence and help you recover from a break up.  You’ll find things a lot easier if you have a ton of friends.

Set challenges for yourself to make things better in your life.

Basically I mean apart from your relationship.  It’s useful to keep your mind from thinking about your break up for a bit so you should try and improve some other parts of your life.  Are you keen on getting that promotion at work?  Maybe yoga classes are what you desire?  Do you want teach yourself to paint perfect pictures?  Right now is a fantastic time to do those things.  Look at some goals to attain and building confidence as you progress.  This is a very important tip to do with a break up.

Make sure you don’t call him.

It’s best not to call your ex in order to get over a break up.  If you keep calling him then it’s going to take a lot longer to recover and move on.  If you call him then you could be in too much of an emotional state to think rationally about what he might be doing or saying.  Time does heal painful memories and if you give yourself the time to get closure on the relationship then you will be helping yourself no end.

By following these five tips then you will be able to get to grips with your break up and start the healing process with your life.  If you can achieve as many of these as possible then it will aid your recovery period.

If You Want To Make A Relationship Succeed Then Follow These 4 Tips

19 07 2010

Ups and downs are part and parcel of relationships.  Normally when two people first get together they are extremely happy to be around one another.  Relationships will inevitable struggle at some point though in time.  You should always bear in mind that there are 4 easy tips in order to make your relationship work for you.

To say sorry is a key factor.  Mistakes are inevitable in any relationship, whether it be you or your partner.  The mistake could be minor such as not being somewhere when you say you will be or could be major as in an affair.

If you’ve messed up then say sorry and swallow your pride.  If your partner was in the wrong, then make sure you sit down and be willing to take on board their apology as well.  It is pretty common to find ways for making a relationship work as long as you are both genuinely sorry if you are at fault and agree to admit you were wrong.

You more than likely have ideas of a romantic kind that you will live contented for the rest of your life.  It’s time to get a reality check, however.  Life is rarely like a Cinderella story and you should make sure you don’t live your life with your relationship being the only reason for being alive.

It’s completely common for you to do other things separately from your partner from time to time.  Relax and spend some time with your friends.  You should head off to the shops or have a few drinks with mates if you feel you want to do something else.  It will make you feel more relaxed and you will have more conversation with your partner when you are with them again.

Ensure you stick with each other when deciding things.  There is always one person that is the leader and one who agrees with their decisions made.  Whether this is the male or female in the relationship, it is still vital to make decisions together.

If you have one person making all the choices then things can get very boring.  You should mix things up a bit.  Allow your partner to make choices if you have made the decisions one day.  What you could also do is make it fun.  If things appear to get silly don’t worry too much about that.

Dedicate yourself to making a success of your relationship.  It would be foolish to assume that relationships are easy.  It is common for you to fight from time to time with your partner.  A relationship is not worth continuing in this case through some eyes.  But if you even find yourself thinking “how can I save my relationship?”  Then chances are you’re dedicated.

But you can fight on and try to make things work.  Don’t just call it a day with your relationship but work on things.  Ensure that you make time to listen and hear what your partner has to say.  Make sure you don’t lay blame with either of you and have an open talk and if you do this then you may be able to work out problems.

Overall, making things work is all about working through problems as opposed to quitting when the going gets tough.  Increasing a relationship’s length is fantastic for both parties.  You can’t beat it when you know that you have someone to turn to when things get tough.  If you follow these 4 tips then you will strengthen your relationship and improve things with your partner.

5 Crucial Elements Of Moving On After An Affair

16 07 2010

Learning to forgive an affair is important because it’s so hard to do.  Few events in your life will be as devastating as learning that your partner has been cheating on you.  Also difficult is the decision to make the relationship work rather than just break up, but you can deeply strengthen your relationship and will help both of you to become better people.

Keep in Mind That You’re Not to Blame.

Many people are very clever at deflecting the blame for their transgressions.  Don’t let this happen – cheating is a serious thing, and even though you may have contributed in some way, it was free will that drove your partner to cheat, not something you did.  It’s not the case that you’re somehow a failure at relationships because this happened.  You must forgive yourself before even considering forgiving your partner.

This Isn’t an Opportunity for you to Gain Leverage

You’ve got to let the affair die; reminding your partner of it whenever there’s a dispute will keep it alive and potentially resurrect it.  Reminding your partner all the time about the affair isn’t going to do much good in terms of healing your own relationship.

Analyze Your Feelings

If you can’t get past those initial feelings of pain and betrayal, it’s going to be impossible to forgive your partner.  Of course your feelings are hurt – but how do they hurt?  Are you angry?  Do you feel humiliated?  Or is it more a feeling of betrayal?  How about just “all of the above,” and more?  Understand how you feel by drawing out your emotions and examining them.

Remember, don’t let this turn into an opportunity to point fingers and lay blame. The point here is to examine how you feel, not try to figure out who’s responsible.  The kind of emotions you’re feeling are pretty strong, and there’s nothing wrong with screaming, or crying.  You’ll get past that initial reaction sooner or later.

Forgiving and moving forward should be your focus, and by now you should have gotten past the urge just to react to the affair.

Talk Things Over With Your Partner

You need to do it, and it’s going to be among the more difficult things you’ve ever done, but you’ve still got to do it. With your partner – and only your partner – have an honest conversation about the cause of the infidelity. Talking about such a subject until it’s thoroughly understood will undoubtedly cause some pain, but unless you have this conversation, you’re relationship probably won’t grown and thrive in the future.

Discuss – calmly – what caused the affair.  Especially important are your feelings.  How did you feel when you learned about it?  How did your partner feel during the affair?  How did your partner feel when you found out?  There’s no doubt that it’s hard to hear the truth.  Reconciling after an affair is a very mature, adult course of action to take.  Don’t ruin it with immature behavior like name-calling and finger-pointing.

Would you prefer to be acknowledged as being right, or would you prefer to be in a happy relationship?  The problem is, if all you do is keep emphasizing that you were the victim, you’re signaling that you’re not willing to acknowledge that anything you may have done contributed to the problem.  These are some to the elements of good communication – not just raising your voice louder and louder until you’re certain your partner heard you.

Take Your Relationship to the Next Level Where Neither Partner Cheats

After you’ve thoroughly aired out the issue, you need to discuss with your partner a solid plan for moving forward. If you understand what led to the affair in the first place, you can agree on how to avoid such situations in the future. Likewise, you need to agree on ways to improve your communications. You can’t just commit to maintaining the same relationship that your partner just cheated on.  You’ve got to commit to a better relationship, one your partner won’t want to cheat on.

Learning to forgive an affair a challenge is every bit as difficult as learning that your partner has cheated.  It depends on your commitment, but if you’re both willing, you can work to build a new future – and a new past – together.  Sure it’ll take some time and there’ll be some painful moments along the way, but your faith in each other can be restored and you can work on creating tomorrow’s memories.

Healing A Broken Heart – 5 Recommended Steps

16 07 2010

Ending a relationship and moving on without your love is one of the more difficult things you’ll ever have to do in your life. These tips won’t help you rescue the relationship, they’ll help you recover from it. The tips presented here will help you get over the pain of your lost relationship much more quickly than you might think possible.

How to Get Over a Love Tip #1

First, make the relationship be really over – cut off all contact with him. Don’t call him.  Don’t text him.  Don’t write him a snail mail letter.  Don’t hang out by his house just to “bump into him.” Do you want to get over him?  Then you cannot keep on communicating with him, no matter how great the temptation might be “just to hear his voice . . .”  And while we’re on the topic – don’t pester his friends with requests for updates on his status.  All that does is postpone your own recovery.

How to Get Over a Love Tip #2

The second step is to discuss your situation with your family and your friends. These are the people you’ve lived with, people you trust with your life. It’s likely that some of them have been through what you’re going through now, and so they may have some useful advice for you. Get together with these folks as often as you can and do something interesting together. Friends and family provide us this great service – they’re there when we need to occupy our minds.

How to Get Over a Love Tip #3

Third, don’t keep your emotions in. Think of the pain, the anger, and the other negative feelings churning inside you.  Is there any special reason to hang on to them? People have different approaches to letting go of negative emotions.  Try crying and screaming – it works for most folks.  Pretty much anything goes as long as you don’t hurt yourself. This isn’t the time for politeness or consideration for others’ sensibilities – let it all out! The idea here is really to flush out those bad emotions – get them all out of you.  If you’re polite and restrained during the process – that is, if you don’t really let go and let them loose – then you’re going to have a real hard time moving on.

How to Get Over a Love Tip #4

Fourth, get busy!  Each of us has a list of things we want to do once we get some time – you’ve got some time now, so get out your list! The reason you’re spending so much of your time thinking your lost love is that you have nothing else occupying your mind. There’s no limit to the number of things you can take up – gardening and woodworking if you like to stay close to home, or hiking, or learning something new like a language or musical instrument . . . You can even take a vacation on your own if you care to! This accomplishes a couple of things – of course,you have some great experiences and build great memories, and you’ll also be learning that you can have a life without him.

How to Get Over a Love Tip #5

Fifth step is simple: it’s never too late to fall in love. Immediately after a relationship ends, many people think that the love just lost was perfect, and they’ll never achieve it again. But don’t forget how many people really do move on and find new love. It could be that the love you just lost wasn’t really the right one for you.  Now that you’re out of the relationship, isn’t it going to be easier for you to meet a new love? It’ll require some effort on your part, of course – true love doesn’t always just fall into your lap.

My point in writing this was to help you get over a love – I hope it helped. Most of us have been where you are, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.  Trust me – time will help heal your heart. The better you follow these steps, the faster you’ll get over him and be able to move on.

If You Must Make Your Ex Jealous, Here Are 5 Fabulous Ways To Do It!

16 07 2010

If you can make your ex jealous, it’s a sure sign he still has feelings for you. And if there are still feelings, they may be strong enough for him to want to get back together. These 5 tips are among women’s all-time favorites for making a man jealous. Exercise great care using these tactics, though, because if you’ve misjudged his feelings, you may push him away forever.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #1

First, don’t talk to your ex for a while. It might seem counterintuitive – after all, you want to take action that he’ll notice to make him jealous – and I’m telling you to stay out of sight for a while.  But this will get him thinking as well. If you stop talking with him, he’ll start wondering what’s going on with you. If you come across as dependent and clinging, it’ll probably annoy him and push him further away. The more time you go without talking with him, the more effective the next tips will be.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #2

The next step is just to be happy. Even if the things that usually make you happy are things you’ve done with your ex, go ahead and do them. Men get very jealous knowing that an ex is having a good time without them. Some of his jealousy will come from realizing that he’s no longer the center of your universe. In addition, just being happy makes a woman more attractive and sexy, which will definitely have an effect on him. Are there things you’ve been wanting to do, but you’ve been putting off?  Things like day trips, or classes?  Go ahead and do them! Get yourself a makeover – many women report that this is a very successful method to becoming happy without your ex. Now you can move on to tip #3.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #3

Now it’s time to see him face-to-face again – the third tip is to invite him to dinner. You’ve got this happy, positive aura about you, and likely a new makeover as well, and it’s time he saw them face-to-face. Remember, it’s been a while since the two of you have spoken, even if he’s seen you here and there or his friends have told him that your active and happy. Talk about what you’ve been doing and be certain he realizes how happy you are now. We know that he’s going to be jealous because you’re visibly happy, on top of which you’re probably more attractive than he remembers! Have a pleasant time with him and make it clear you want to be friends – then you’re ready for the next tip.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #4

Next, date another man. Do you think that when he finds out you’re seeing other men, he just won’t care? Of course, getting involved with someone new will jeopardize your chances of getting back together with your ex, if that’s your objective. You can have a lot of fun and accomplish your “make my ex jealous” objective by just going on harmless, friendly dates. Your ex will learn about this soon enough – sooner if you share some friends. It’s knowing that someone else finds you attractive enough to date that will make him jealous – he’ll be wondering if he missed something about you. This tip – date someone else – is crucial to the next tip, because you’ll need a man you’re comfortable with.

Make An Ex Jealous Tip #5

Now this fifth tactic is probably the most successful – when you’re going to be attending a function you know your date will also be attending, bring a date. It can be anything – a friend’s birthday, or a barbecue, or a beach party – anything at all.  The key point is that your ex will be there, and he’ll be able to see you and your date. When you’re sure your ex is aware that you’re there with a date, you can flirt with your date. Be careful, though – your ex might lose his temper. Here’s something else to keep in mind – your date is doing you a big favor, whether or not he realizes it.  Don’t embarrass him.

Once you’ve tried the tips I’ve presented here, I’d be surprised if your ex doesn’t get jealous.  He may even be considering dating you again. If he still has any feelings for you, your actions in following these tips will bring those feelings to the surface. Your actions might push him further away, of course, but that’ll happen only if he no longer has any feelings for you. But if the feelings are there, then he got jealous, and he’s thinking about you again.  Now you’ve got to decide if you want him back in your life again.

5 Steps To Healing The Hurt Of Infidelity

16 07 2010

Whether you call it betrayal, cheating, infidelity or something else doesn’t change the fact that it’s probably one of the most painful episodes you’ll ever go through. There are ways to deal with the pain of infidelity if you choose to forgive an affair. Right now, you may not even be able to describe how painful it is for you. Believe it or not, there advantages to forgiving someone who’s cheated on you, even though forgiveness might not seem to make much sense right now. You might be doing this because your feelings for him are still strong, but an even more important reason is that you’re doing it for yourself. It’s just as important to your own happiness and well-being that you be able to forgive your boyfriend and rebuild the relationship. Don’t misunderstand – forgiving infidelity is something you can do only once in a relationship.  If this is a pattern, or if he repeats his bad behavior, you’ve got to toss him to the curb. If he seems remorseful and seeks your forgiveness, and wants to rebuild the relationship, then try the following steps:

Healing Infidelity Tip #1

The first step is this: sit down and have an honest talk with him about his infidelity. You’ve got to find out the real reason underlying his betrayal, which is why, no matter how hard it is to talk about, you’ve got to do it. Perhaps he thought that your feelings for him had cooled down, or maybe he just had a crisis of self-confidence. This is a time you should be openhearted and open-minded.  Don’t use this serious conversation as an excuse to browbeat him or try to make him feel bad – that’s not how relationships are built or rebuilt. You’ll be able to judge the depth of his sincerity and remorse during this conversation, which is the other reason you can’t skip it.

Healing Infidelity Tip #2

The second step is to uncork your emotions. It’s time like this that you feel all sorts of emotions and feelings churning away inside you. Express your emotions, let them out, but don’t harm yourself in the process. Drugs and alcohol, for instance, are far more likely to harm you than let you deal with your emotions. There are plenty of ways to express your pain, though, that aren’t self-destructive. An excellent outlet is to write in a journal.  Another approach is to adopt a regular workout routine. However, don’t store those emotions inside you – in the long run, it will harm your mental health. One way that many people have found successful is simply to have a good cry. One of the keys to healing infidelity is to heal yourself.

Healing Infidelity Tip #3

The third step is forgiveness. At this point, if you haven’t really forgiven him, there’s no point in being in a relationship with your boyfriend. It’s time to put the past behind you.  You made your choice, now forgive him. Some idiot once said “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” While that’s doubtful, there’s no doubt that love confers the power to say “I forgive you.”

Healing Infidelity Tip #4

The fourth step is to spend some time with a psychologist or other mental health professional or advisor. Your relationship needs some professional help, and that means each of you should talk with a counselor. An alternative would be to sit down together with a trusted friend, someone who’s been through what you’re going through. You’ll need to pay attention to what he says, too.  You’ll learn from it. Don’t waste your time, or your friend’s by pointing fingers or being judgmental. Neither of you can save the relationship on your own; you need to work together if it’s going to be saved.

Healing Infidelity Tip #5

The fifth and final step is to realize, deep in your heart, that this terrible thing happened, but it’s over now, and you’re ready to move on. The kind of pain caused by infidelity can be massive.  It takes time to heal with both of you working on it. Betrayal’s pain doesn’t get healed overnight, so don’t expect that.  It’s generally take you longer to heal, since you were the one who was hurt. The healing will come faster, though, if you look forward instead of backward.

If you can overcome the pain of infidelity, it will likely make yours a strong and secure relationship.  I hope the steps I’ve presented here can help. No matter how hard we try, we all make mistakes. More important, though, is learning and growing from the bad experiences we go through.